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CSIRO signs deal with Aussie start-up

CSIRO signs deal with Aussie start-up

Australia’s chief science body, CSIRO, has this week announced a partnership with an education start-up to develop a digital resource for school teachers.

Stile Education was founded by Australia’s chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel, with its Melbourne-based team working to empower teachers to utilise cutting-edge technology as part of their lessons.


“Making sure that kids actually engage in school work is an ongoing challenge for schools as more technology is used in our everyday lives,” said CSIRO publishing director Andrew Stammer.

Mr Stammer said that children are using smartphones, video games and social media more than ever, and as such teachers need to become more adept at embracing these technologies to ensure they are communicating with students on the same level.

The partnership between CSIRO and Stile Education will focus on the learning areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), which are key knowledge areas for the majority of the country’s fastest-growing industries.

Dr Finkel, together with CSIRO chief executive Dr Larry Marshall, devised the partnership as a way of connecting CSIRO’s scientific expertise and experience in publishing children’s content with Stile Education’s innovative digital education platforms.



“We’ve been communicating about science to kids for the past 30 years through CSIRO’s Double Helix publications, which explain science in a fun and engaging way,” Mr Stammer said.

“Through this new deal, the Double Helix material will be incorporated into sophisticated digital lessons for kids.”

In 2015 alone, close to 100,000 Australian school kids answered more than five million questions on Stile’s eLearning platform.

CSIRO signs deal with Aussie start-up
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