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Integrate technology into your business or 'suffer'

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Integrate technology into your business or 'suffer'

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According to a tech expert, SMEs will need to adapt to current technology within the next three years or face serious issues.

Cisco, an American-based technology company that distributes its wares worldwide, has released the 2016 Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), revealing a number of insights into how Australians are currently using the internet and predictions on how we will use it in 2020.

These statistics are of the utmost importance for SMEs that want strong business prospects:


PCs are going out

Desktop computers are losing their market dominance, currently sitting at 71 per cent of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic, with trends suggesting that by 2020 PCs will consist of only 50 per cent of total IP traffic.

This means SMEs will need to have an online presence that isn’t just compatible with desktop internet browsers, but with other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Half of Australia will want to access your online presence in a way that better suits their needs than using a desktop computer.

Speaking to My Business, Kevin Bloch, chief technical officer at Cisco, said SMEs will need to adapt to these predictions for the sake of consumers.



“Any business that [is] starting out or wanting to grow should seriously think about … user experience,” he said.

“The future is about digital, and how digital will change [SMEs] and [consumers].”

Adapt or ‘suffer’

Mr Bloch gave his tips for SMEs to adapt to the technological changes predicted to occur in the next five years. He said that if SMEs don’t adapt to these predictions, their business will be negatively affected.

“You’ve got three years to start your transformation to digital,” he said.

“And if you don’t do it now, within three years, you will suffer.

“You’ll either go out of business or you will be in [seriously] difficult times.”

Yet it is also important to make sure you monitor and protect your business from external threats.

“If you over tilt in one area, and you don’t protect yourself from a cyber perspective, watch out,” said Mr Bloch.

He also said adapting to new technologies is a must so that SMEs can keep up to date with the needs of consumers, but that this should be balanced with the pre-existing aspects of the business.

Mr Bloch also mentioned the importance of moving to the cloud for new businesses.

“The world’s moved to much more of a consumption model in terms of delivery by IT, so as a small business … you’d want to use the cloud,” he said.

“If you want to start [a] business, go with the cloud straight away.”

Adapting to the cloud is just as important for existing businesses, but consideration must be given to the adaptation of the cloud to streamline the business processes already in place.

Integrate technology into your business or 'suffer'
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