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10 ways to use social media to interact with customers

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10 ways to use social media to interact with customers

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The stronger your relationship is with your customers, the more likely they are to remain loyal and recommend your business to others.

Social media offers some great ways to maintain and enhance relationships with customers. And many customers will actually prefer to interact with you on social media, rather than via your website. Why? Because they’re already there and they know how it works.

Here are some examples of how you should be improving customer relationships on social media:


1. Product and service updates

When you release a new product or an enhanced service, be sure to post the details on the major social media channels.

Many of your customers will already be on social media looking for information, so finding details there may be much more convenient for them.

You can easily provide a link to your website for those customers who wish to access additional details immediately.

2. Providing 3rd party information

Apart from your own announcements, what other information would be useful to your clients?



Be sure to feature items from other parties which will help them to improve their business, even if it doesn’t provide any immediate benefit to you.

It proves you’re not just out to make the next sale and the information you provide may be just be something that is of significant value to them.

3. Request suggestions

Customers love to feel they’re having an influence on their key suppliers. And any feedback might just be invaluable for your business.

Worried about negative feedback? That can be the most valuable intelligence of all, especially when combined with a well-crafted response.

Be bold and ask customers for suggestions on social media. You never know, it might just spark your next major innovation.

4. Conduct surveys

A collection of cubes with social media logos on themAnother way to get valuable feedback is through conducting a survey.

Whilst individuals might not be bothered to respond to a survey requested via email, when they are already on a social media site they may be much more inclined to partake.

5. Share the love

Follow your customers on social media and engage with their content from time to time.

Liking, sharing and re-tweeting their posts will give then a gentle reminder that you’re still around.

As well as, potentially providing interesting content for your followers. If you can help your customers grow, you’ll grow with them.

6. Feature your personnel

People love insider stories. It helps them to relate to your organisation and increases their sense of involvement.

Share stories and images which illustrate how your company operates and why you’re great people to do business with.

7. Build a community

Is there a common area of interest for your customers, around which you could build on an online community? A place where ideas can be shared and conversations facilitated, maybe by using a LinkedIn or Facebook group.

Such a community could, for instance, be based upon a particular issue or challenge that’s common to many of your customers.

8. Announce awards

If you’ve won something, let people know about it on social media.

It’s interesting news, especially for customers who rely upon your organisation. And it’s also a great way to extend the good news beyond those who are on your email list.

9. Hold competitions

Who doesn’t like winning something? Promote your competition by email but be sure to extend its reach via your social media channels.

Not only can the whole process be a bit of fun, but you’ll almost certainly gain more online followers.

10. Provide local information

What’s happening in your city or town that might be of interest to your customers? Is a new venue opening? Or have a local sports team reached the Grand Final? Do you have a great photo from a local event? Share these things.

Your local customers will appreciate the news and it will help demonstrate a commitment to your community.

In implementing one or more of the above initiatives be sure to consider which social media sites your customers are likely to be active on.

Make sure your social media profiles are up to scratch and have a plan to generate regular content. Wherever you can, make your content visual. Provide value.

Having a regular and engaging presence on social media will make sure customers remember you first, when they next have a need for the products or services you provide.

10 ways to use social media to interact with customers
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