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Turning digital disruption from threat to opportunity

Sasha Karen
07 October 2016 1 minute readShare

The advertising industry is one of many being hit hard by digital disruption, with advertising in telephone books and newspapers losing out to online advertising – so how can SMEs deal with such changes?

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, ZOO Group founder Pawl Cubbin says that while the platforms used to advertise have been disrupted, advertising itself has stayed the same.

“It's very ideas-based,” Pawl says.


“I think to get people's attention you've got to make people feel something.

“You've got to make them laugh, or you've got to entertain them in some way, and that's an idea.


“However that idea is executed and is disseminated through the media, you've got to have people that get the client'sTwo broken wires with an electric spark jumping between them problem, and can pitch that in the right way to the right audience. That's never going to get old.”

In the 1990s Pawl began building an advertising business that designed logos. He reflects on how much advertising platforms have changed.

“This is going [back] about 20 years, where we charged a couple of grand, two to five grand, for a logo,” he says.

“These days you go online, and you … put in your information, and you get maybe 30 different examples of a brand back, customised to you, for $250.



“That's an example of one of many [areas] where production mechanisms are taking over, and we've got to be much more ideas-based, much more client-savvy and much more business-savvy to then avail ourselves to these other production mechanisms.”

According to Pawl, advertising has to be led by “better thinkers”, who understand clients' businesses.

“We've got to be able to come up with really good ideas to solve a problem, and none of that stuff's got much to do with production,” Pawl says.

Hear more insights from Pawl about pitching to prospective customers and how to get employees performing at their best on the My Business Podcast now!

Turning digital disruption from threat to opportunity
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Sasha Karen

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