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Five low-budget small business marketing videos

Justin Grey
25 July 2011 2 minute readShare
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Online video is a wonderful marketing tool, but one some small businesses feel is expensive and daunting to create. We've found five simple, low-budget videos that offer you some examples of how to get started.

Queensland Credit Union

One camera, poor lighting, a few bucks worth of plastic letters, a whiteboard and a gentle voice-over: that’s all that has gone into this video from the Queensland Credit Union. It tells a simple story using colour and movement in ways a five year old could arrange. Which means you can too!



Cold Steel Great Sword


This one comes from a US company called Cold Steel, which makes knives and swords. One of its products is a Great Sword, a seriously big slicer that the company puts through its paces in a faux dungeon and what looks an awful lot like the company car park.

The action is a bit gruesome – animal carcasses are hacked – but as a lowish-budget, single-camera, example of a very thorough product demonstration, this one is a decent example of how to show off a product to prospects.




Take one kindly old man, one scarily-powerful blender, sturdy household items and a bit of deadpan humour and you have Willitblend.com, a site that spruiks the Blendtec Blender.

There’s obviously a bit of work in this one – the blender seems to be on a well-lit set and camerawork is pretty sophisticated with close-ups, slick editing and enough budget to destroy things like iPads.

But the Justin Bieber dolls and accessories in this instalment were cheap. And boy does it rack up the page views.

Server Pong

Love him or hate him, electronics retailer Ruslan Kogan has a certain flair. He’s not present in this video, which shows a visualisation of traffic on the servers that run the company’s online store.

You may have no interest in this stuff, but some of the Kogan constituency probably does, making this a neat piece of micro-marketing. And we also like the fact that this video is almost certainly a free by-product of something Kogan already does, given that monitoring server traffic is essential for an online retailer.

The principles of economics

This video is atrocious. Its production values probably would not score a pass mark in high school.

But the content is funny, knowing and timely.

There are a couple of lessons in this one. The first is that when you speak in public, you don’t need to speak for a long time. Another is that if your content is great, not even dodgy video can scare the audience away: this one has nearly a million page views.

And lastly, a classic: The OK Go

What is a rock band but a small business looking for exposure? That’s why this video, by previously-obscure band Ok Go, was such genius. The band borrowed the treadmills, used a single camera and rapidly won a following for daring to concoct a routine that no dancer or choreographer could love, but which oozed cleverness. The band has since gone on to far bigger things.

Five low-budget small business marketing videos
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