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What makes a strong password?

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What makes a strong password?

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Many business owners are concerned about digital security these days. So what actually makes for a good password as your first line of defence?

According to Kevin Mitnick, an American cyber-security professional who was once a wanted hacker taken into custody by the FBI, the concept of a ‘password’ is actually a bit redundant nowadays.

“You want to set a passphrase, not a word,” advises Kevin.


“A phrase like from Pink Floyd – ‘We don't need no education’, from the album The Wall … a passphrase of over 25 to 30 characters; it doesn't have to be with numbers and upper case and special symbols at all, it just could be a sentence.”

However, for real peace of mind, Kevin says using a password manager as part of a two-factor authentication process is the best means of securing your access points.

“Randomness [is key] – something that's generated by a password manager that you're not thinking about on your own,” he says.

“That's why these password managers are really cool, because it will randomly generate a password, it will save it in the database for you, and when you open up a browser to go to that website, it will auto-fill it in for you.



“So the log-in for your password manager is a passphrase, and then having two-factor authentications enabled, and then using the password manager to manage all the other passwords in your life – that is the smartest thing to do!”

Read more insights about protecting your data and online assets in our Q&A with Kevin.


What makes a strong password?
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