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12 apps to boost productivity

Richard Carter
15 October 2015 2 minute readShare
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Richard Carter gives the run down on some apps to boost your workflow.

There’s one aspect of the Internet revolution that I often find business people underrate or miss altogether. It’s the flourishing array of small online applications that can help to boost your personal productivity.

For the purposes of this article I’m going to refer to these services as apps, although some might say that the desktop PC versions should properly be referred to as applications.


I’m assuming by now, that you’ve moved across to an online calendar. But there is a plethora of other apps that can be invaluable time-savers.

Many of these services can be used free-of-charge. For some apps there’s a small initial charge or monthly charge to access premium features.


Some are super simple to use, others require a little bit of effort to learn. Many of them offer invaluable productivity gains.

You can find below just a very small selection of these apps, along with a brief description of the functionality they provide:


This is one of my absolute favourites. It allows you to collate notes, photos, webpages and screen shots all in one online place. These are then accessible from just about any computing device.

Remember The Milk

An online to-do list facility. Developed in Australia.



Other apps: Todoist, Wunderlist, Any.do


Providing storage and encryption for your passwords, Making it easier to manage passwords, but crucially also allowing you to use far more complex (and secure) passwords.

Others apps: KeyPass, 1Password


Supports teamwork without the need to use email. Enables you to track projects, conversations, workflows, tasks and more.

Other apps: Trello, Workboard.

World Meeting Planner

A man touches a phoneProvides the time and date comparison for up to five locations around the world. Great if you’re trying to set-up a conference call.


An online travel planning service. Stores travel documents, itinerary, conatct details and more. Synchronises with online calendars.

Other apps: TripCase, WorldMate


You’ve spotted an interesting article on line but don’t have time to read it right now. Pocket is the answer. One click will store the article and allow you to read it at your convenience - on any of your devices.

Rival Map

Manages the market knowledge of everyone in your organisation, whether you have ten or ten thousand employees. Share the latest insights, files, news, web clippings and any information that matters to your business.

Google Alerts

Been around for years but still very handy. Specify words you want to track on the web and Google Alerts will send you an email as and when they occur. It’s a bit like having a normal Google search sent to you automatically.

The Money Converter

Provides up-to-date conversion rates for currencies throughout the world.


Do you ever fall out of contact with people without even realising it? Contactually will automatically remind you to reconnect with selected contacts after specified time periods.

IFTTT (If this then that)

This is an app that lets you connect other apps together. If an action happens in one app, it will trigger an activity in another app. Somewhat more involved to ustilise but potentially a very powerful productivity tool.

I’d be flabbergasted if, at least, one of the above apps didn’t take your fancy. You might need to put some time aside to familiarise yourself with a particular app.

But they have the potential to make a huge difference to your productivity and maybe your whole working life.

There are many more useful apps out there. Keep your eyes peeled. Don’t hold back from giving one a try.

12 apps to boost productivity
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Richard Carter

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