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How to use digital marketing to its full potential

Hannah Blackiston
07 December 2016 1 minute readShare
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Thought leaders say the best way to achieve success is by becoming an attraction business, but how can digital marketing help you do that? Digital marketing speaker Adam Franklin, of Bluewire Media, shares his tips.

Becoming an attraction business involves staying at the forefront of people’s minds. When someone you’ve dealt with is asked to recommend a business or a service provider, you want to be the first name that comes up.

Digital marketing is one of the best ways an agent can do this. It’s instant and lasts forever, and you can use it to humanise your brand and deal with your past, and previous, clients on a more personal level.

“Social media is the perfect way to be building your brand. You can humanise your company, you can demonstrate that you’re not just a name on a sign, you’re a human being that cares, that delivers value, that is accessible. You’re a real person,” says Adam.Social media and digital marketing icons

“The long-term payoff is you become an attraction agent. People know who you are and they refer you work.”

Once you have set yourself up to be referred, business will begin coming to you, which means the return on your investment in your digital marketing will increase as you begin to attract that referral business.

Adam has this top tip for getting your name out there and positioning yourself to be shared among new potential business.

“Publish a lead magnet – a piece of flagship content, like a report or a checklist, something really valuable to your prospects. Start collecting email addresses and growing your database, then start communicating with those people by email and be human, be generous and be consistent,” he sa.

“Be generous with the content you share. Send emails, be present on social media, build that network. Then people will refer you, people will know who you are.”

How to use digital marketing to its full potential
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Hannah Blackiston

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