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Is yours big or responsive?

Mark Brennan
04 August 2015 1 minute readShare
A businessman holding a tablet, with various images, graphics, and arrows coming out of it

Having an online presence, especially a website, is increasingly important for businesses. It is how potential customers and clients can find you and the products or services you offer.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I used the yellow pages, a Google search is much easier.

A simple static website, designed for use on a desktop computer, was once enough for your business to be found online.


However, in today’s digital age this is no longer the case. There are more and more businesses online competing for customer attention, the way search engines look for webpages is increasingly sophisticated and people are choosing to access the internet on a range of devices.

In Australia, nearly two-thirds of adults have a tablet and four out of five own a smartphone. Two-thirds of smartphone users browse or search the internet on their device each day.


What’s a big website?

A businessman holding a tablet, with various images, graphics, and arrows coming out of itAn unresponsive website (or ‘big’ as the title of this article puts it) is one that is only designed to work on a large screen, such as a desktop or laptop computer.

If you view these websites on a smaller screen, such as a smartphone, the page shrinks making the text too small to read and the page difficult to interact with.

What’s a responsive website?

On the other hand, a responsive (or mobile friendly) website allows for optimal viewing and interaction. That is, the website is easy to read and use regardless of the screen size.

With so many people accessing the internet on smartphones and tablets you don’t want to lose business to a competitor just because their website is more responsive.



In addition, earlier this year Google changed the way it searches for websites. It now ranks mobile friendly websites higher than unresponsive ones.

Which one is yours? If your website is mobile-friendly, well done and chances are you’re winning business over your less tech savvy competitors.

If it isn’t, don’t worry it’s not too late, Google has a number of guides to help businesses make their websites mobile friendly.

Mark Brennan is the Australian small business commissioner.

Is yours big or responsive?
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Mark Brennan

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