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Why you should keep your digital marketing simple

Hannah Blackiston
05 January 2017 1 minute readShare
A man working on a laptop, with various marketing diagram are drawn around him

The easy option is sometimes the best option, and when it comes to digital marketing for your business, there is something to be said for simplicity.

In the initial stages, digital marketing is a lot like anything else in life – you should be genuine and you should not compare your strategy with your competitors’.

Steve Carroll, head of sales at realestate.com.au says business owners should also be “be mindful of over-promising and under-delivering” because this can put people off and it is much harder to win clients back than it is to lose them.


“Your digital profile is available to the world 24/7, be careful what you post. Fifty-seven per cent of decisions/opinions are formed before physical contact is made. That’s the power of your digital footprint,” Mr Carroll said.

Complex, long-form content is not the order of the day for the online world. Smart, simple pieces that provide honest feedback and advice are more likely to be read and shared online.


A man working on a laptop, with various marketing diagram are drawn around him“One of the pitfalls is getting distracted by the newest shiny object, spreading themselves too thin, and not just doing one thing reasonably well. They try and do everything and they do it poorly,” Mr Carroll said.

By keeping your strategy simple and focusing all your energy on one or two platforms, you will be able to provide your followers with consistency, something that is harder to do if you’re trying to cover all the latest social media options.

Effectiveness in digital marketing is about clear, concise messages hitting the exact audience you’re trying to reach. Simplicity in your strategy and content will make this easier to achieve and more likely to succeed.



Why you should keep your digital marketing simple
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Hannah Blackiston

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