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The do's and don’ts of digital personal branding

Hannah Blackiston
16 January 2017 1 minute readShare

There is a skill to combining your personal branding with your digital marketing for your business. If you master it, you can build your personal brand and a database full of loyal customers. If you fail, you can lose customers rapidly. Here’s how to do it right.

“Digital marketing can play a huge role in personal branding. It should be viewed as an extension of your prospecting efforts,” founder of boutique marketing consultancy Chronicle Republic, Tiffany Wilson, said to sister Publication REB.

“Yes, you will still have to pick up the phone and regularly contact your database but digital marketing can help you stay top of mind with your customers so that you are the first choice when it comes time to sell their property.”


Your efforts to build your personal brand through digital marketing should focus mainly on social media. Social media is the perfect outlet for your personality to shine through, and for you to connect with your customers. Customers are also more forgiving on social media than they are on other digital platforms such as email marketing.

“[Business owners] should focus on strengthening their offline database by getting these prospects onto their email and social media databases. But here’s the crucial element – once you have these people on your digital databases, you must provide them with value,” Ms Wilson said.


A person holding a sign that has BRAND written on itThe most important thing to remember about digital marketing is how easy it is for a customer to unfollow you. It doesn’t take much to irritate people so you need to be aware of what you’re sending them. The material you send them needs to be relevant to them.

“It’s very easy for a [customer] to unfollow you or unsubscribe from your email list, so treat this audience with extreme care,” Ms Wilson said.

“Consider segmenting these audiences so that you can provide them with maximum value and information that is relevant to them.”

By respecting your email database and putting time into nurturing it, you can use it to grow strong relationships. Combining this with a social media presence to build your personal brand and keep your name at the forefront of potential customer’s minds is a great way to turn your digital marketing budget into commissions.



The do's and don’ts of digital personal branding
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Hannah Blackiston

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