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LinkedIn reveals 10 most overused buzzwords

LinkedIn reveals 10 most overused buzzwords

LinkedIn has revealed the most overused words by Australian business owners, who are harming their professional image by using these words excessively.

While LinkedIn provides business owners with an opportunity to promote themselves and their business, the use of certain words can be detrimental to this self-promotion.

According to an analysis of millions of LinkedIn profiles, Australian business owners are using buzzwords such as ‘specialised’, ‘passionate’ or ‘strategic’ in an attempt to highlight their expertise, without realising they are actually diluting their professional brand. 

LinkedIn has released its buzzwords list for the sixth year running. The list’s release coincides with the busiest week of the year for LinkedIn profile updates.

A magnifying glass focusing on a blue stick figure person, surrounded by a number of white stick figuresAustralia’s most overused word, and new to the top 10 this year, is ‘specialised’ which replaces ‘leadership’, a word that topped the 2016 list. ‘Passionate’ has moved up one place to become the third most overused buzzword worldwide.

The top ten Australian LinkedIn buzzwords for 2017 are:

1. Specialised
2. Leadership
3. Passionate
4. Experienced
5. Strategic
6. Focused
7. Expert
8. Creative
9. Successful
10. Excellent

“While Aussies are choosing to describe themselves as ‘specialised’, ironically, they are doing very little to communicate why they are ‘special’,” LinkedIn head of communications Australia and New Zealand, Shiva Kumar, said.

“LinkedIn data shows you only have five to ten seconds to impress a potential employer online, so it’s important to stand out from the rest of crowd,” Mr Kumar said.

“Using the right words and substantiating them with real examples of your work makes your profile more authentic.”



LinkedIn reveals 10 most overused buzzwords
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