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My Business’ links of the week

Justin Grey
17 August 2011 1 minute readShare
My Business

In a new weekly feature, My Business brings you interesting links from around the world. Today, we have a look at Warren Buffet's calls for more tax on the rich, changes at Qantas and the hip clothing brand that wants a celebrity to STOP wearing its products.

When the USA found a way to avoid defaulting on its loans, the world breathed a sigh of relief – then panicked because the solution was clearly a band-aid.

Enter über-investor Warren Buffet, the ‘Sage of Omaha’ with a piece in the New York Times titled ‘Stop Coddling the Super-Rich’. His column appealed to lawmakers to make him pay more tax, because the way the US system is currently structured he – a billionaire – pays a lower proportion of his income in tax than his lower-paid employees.


This story from South Korea surprised us: the nation has only just adopted street names and numbers! A far more complicated system was in place before now and when you invited someone to a meeting, you sent a map too! Imagine how hard it must be to send direct mail! Marketers must be very happy with the new system.

The guys at Australian Business Traveller do a fine job covering the air transport industry, and we like this piece on the top five things you need to know about the changes at Qantas. We’ll leave the analysis of the changes to others.


This one is a scream. US clothing company Abercrombie and Fitch wants a celebrity to STOP wearing its clothes. We’re not sure if this is clever marketing or a sincere desire to distance itself from a controversial reality TV show.

How can anyone resist a story about disco classic Funkytown? This one reports that the author of the song has used a little-known copyright loophole to reclaim his ownership of the tune, and that other artists are lawyering up to do the same.

Let’s leave you with the classic, as tragically interpreted by Australia’s Pseudo Echo.



My Business’ links of the week
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Justin Grey

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