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What is the future of employee technologies?

Sasha Karen
23 March 2017 1 minute readShare

With technology being such a significant force in business and the way people carry out their work, what does the future hold for personal devices?

Adina Jacobs of STM Goods has a unique view on what is and what isn’t popular in the tech space, given that her business makes a range of accessories for laptops, tablets, mobile phones and the like.

As such, it is core to her business success to see where tech trends are heading and cater her own product lines accordingly.


Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Adina says she can’t see laptop computers dying out any time soon, despite the popularity of more mobile devices.

“It's no secret that a lot of content is consumed on phones, and any website is not changeable so that you can view it on a phone easily, it's almost death to it,” she says.


Woman with a laptop, mobile phone and security fob“[But] people bring it up on their phone and then they just walk away because they can't be bothered zooming in on everything.”

As such, Adina says the humble laptop still has a place for consumers and employees alike.

“I do still see a lot of people working on laptops. A lot of people are then, on top of that, having their iPads or their tablets as well,” Adina says.

“I'm sure that a lot of people are moving away from traditional desktops and laptops, but you still see a lot of it around. There's no replacing your big, beautiful screens. Even if it's plugging your tablet into a big screen, people still want to do the majority of their work on a nice, big screen.”

Adina adds there has been a noticeable shift away from laptop accessories over the years, but still sees strong sales in laptop bags.



“I mean, we had an entire business for more than 10 years that was just about bags, and we really did have to change to catch up and work with the new devices that were coming on board.”

Check out more insights from Adina on operating a lifestyle brand and manufacturing goods for a global audience on the My Business Podcast now.

What is the future of employee technologies?
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Sasha Karen

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