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4 tips for writing better blog posts

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4 tips for writing better blog posts

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Capturing an audience for your website is becoming increasingly difficult. Most people will read an introductory paragraph and skim everything else. That’s why we’ve put together four tips on how to write better blog posts.

Knowing what to give your audience in a blog is what’s going to keep them coming back.

1. Create blog content from customer questions

Creating fresh, new content is key to generating website traffic and increasing your ranking on search engines. When you are considering what to write about, start by answering your current and potential customers’ frequently asked questions.


A person typing on a laptopRead through client reviews and testimonials to see what your audience wants to know. Check the comment sections on your own blog if you have one, and read industry blogs or online publications your audience might read and your competitors’ websites.

Comments and questions on social media is another are you should focus on. Again, don’t just look at your own social media pages. Check competitors’ social media as well as popular publications in your industry, for example the key real estate websites.

It’s likely there will be people asking questions about local issues or your industry’s market that you might be able to provide insight on. Use these commonly asked questions to create your blog content because this is what your clients will be interested in reading. Remember to keep it relevant to your industry and be careful about commenting on controversial topics.

2. Talk the right language

Use your target audiences’ jargon, not yours. Your audience should be able to find and understand you easily. Simple, to the point and relatable tone is how you want to relay your blog content.



3. Subheadings and grabs

Only 28 per cent of the content you create will be read. Highlight the key points of your post and put what you want your customers to read upfront.

Your audience is most likely to skim through your content and grab key points. If you provide a text-heavy blog without highlighting the key points, it becomes too overwhelming for the reader.

4. Leverage

Tiffany Wilson, Chronicle RepublicThere is no point spending time and resources creating great blog content that you don’t leverage in every way possible.

Make sure you post your blogs on your social media channels, and use a different approach and imagery in the post each time. Repurpose your blog content into video blogs, podcasts and media releases or pull out the key points and turn them into new social media posts and tips. Use them again in your email newsletters to your database.

Tiffany Wilson is the founder of Chronicle Republic.

4 tips for writing better blog posts
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