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Best business links for August 24th

Justin Grey
25 August 2011 1 minute readShare

We've scoured the Web again to bring you our weekly collection of interesting reads from around the world, including a David vs. Goliath tale of a small Canberra retailer taking on the might of Metcash.

Any small business that has ever come up against the market power of bigger players will relish this tale, from Fairfax, about Canberra retailer Peter Bunn’s fight against Metcash. Give it a read – you’ll either emerge mad as hell or quietly determined.

I know lots of readers worry about overseas happenings, and especially the weakness of Europe and the USA, so don’t read this piece about weakening resolve in Germany unless you’re good at stress management. In the USA, meanwhile, serious crime rates are falling. There’s interesting analysis here.


Here’s a story you may find handy – it explains how to network at conferences. For a “I’m going to skulk in the corner and read a lot of email on my iPhone” guy like your editor, this is a very useful yarn indeed.

Love it or hate it, Fox News is an increasingly important voice around the world. Some of its small business content is also pretty good, like this piece on hiring a virtual assistant.


And if all of this depresses you, don’t worry – we’re all doomed anyway because Galaxies are running out of gas with which to make new stars. That’s not going to be good for business!



Best business links for August 24th
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Justin Grey

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