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NERD SPOT: Return of the Commodore 64

Justin Grey
07 April 2011 1 minute readShare
My Business

Want a new computer that looks just like the 80's classic Commodore 64? Your nerd dreams have just come true.

Way back in the 80s, before every man and their dog had an iPhone, the first personal computer to nestle into mainstream Australian homes was the Commodore 64.

Lots of kids grew up with C64s, as they became known.


And lots of grown-ups remember them fondly.

Enter New Commodore, a company that has resurrected the 64 and equipped it with the guts of a proper modern PC. There's also video out ports and more modern niceties, plus a DVD drive.


And just in case you want the full C64 experience, the new machines can run the old Commodore OS too!

The computers ship with Linux, so you'll need a Windows licence if you want to take this fella mainstream.

Here at My Business we're already hassling the IT team to let us have one, or at least put it at the reception desk! With the Aussie dollar so high and this machine costing just $595, we think we have a chance of convincing them!



NERD SPOT: Return of the Commodore 64
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Justin Grey

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