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How can you choose a reputable web developer?

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How can you choose a reputable web developer?

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Without recommendations from someone you know, what can you do to ensure the web developer you hire is a reputable one?

As one such industry player points out, there are no formal qualifications required to become a web developer.

“[For] content management systems, you can get something like an open source program like a Joomla or a WordPress, and there are no qualifications around that,” explains Tim Barnett of digital agency 2BInteractive.


The trick, explains Tim, can be to go for a developer who builds proprietary CMSs.

“We go down the avenue of a proprietary one like Kentico, where to become a qualified Kentico developer you need to pass exams,” he explains.

“So if you’re going to a company which is using a proprietary content management system, then you’re assured that you’re going to be getting people developing that who actually know what they’re doing.”

However even this can have its limitations, says Tim.



“That’s in terms of the actual coding of it. In terms of the rest of it, there are no qualifications.”

This is where it becomes valuable to look at the previous work of the developer – beyond obtaining simple testimonials.

“I guess it really comes down to proof in the pudding, seeing what those agencies have done in the past. Not just looking at the testimonials on their website, but ask those agencies for references and speak to some of their customers and find out their experiences,” advises Tim.

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How can you choose a reputable web developer?
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