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How your website can win or lose you business

How your website can win or lose you business

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If you take a set-and-forget approach to your website and digital presence, you’re probably throwing away new business. Here's what you need for a website that looks good AND delivers results.

Gone are the days where you simply “build a website and they will come”, explains Tim Barnett, co-owner of digital agency 2BInteractive, while speaking on the My Business Podcast.

As well as having a quality web page on which your customers land, it’s also an important part of creating your digital presence to factor in how you will push people to your website, how you lead them into your sales funnel once on the site, and then encouraging them to complete a sale – and return to repeat the process.


And as Tim explains, technology is rapidly changing how this sales process works.

“It’s certainly evolved over the last probably decade,” he says.

“We went, from five years ago, from what you’d call a single channel approach where the clients would be asking for an SEO service or a SEM or Google AdWords kind of service. Then it moved into a multichannel approach, where people were combining some of those services in together to get a holistic package.

“These days, it’s moved to another, what you’d call an omnichannel approach where it includes another dimension which is looking at your customer experience journey and how all those channels fit into that, as well as looking at multiple platforms.”



As such, Tim says it’s important to cater towards the various types of devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles – in order to create a catch-all site.


How your website can win or lose you business
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