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Seven ways to link your website to your bricks and mortar business

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Seven ways to link your website to your bricks and mortar business

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Maree_HamiltonNew blogger Maree Hamilton, the Managing Director of TBP Women’s Business Alliance, joins Joy Carrick of Feral Art with seven suggestions that can link your website to your physical business more effectively.

Recent media reports indicate the internet contributes $50 billion to Australia’s GDP and there have been a lot of news articles and interviews speculating about the effect on physical retail outlets.

Your website is a tool for your business, just like your shop window, an advert you put in a magazine or on the radio. It is there to promote your business and get people to contact you for what you provide.

Maree Hamilton

Suggestions to help you link your website to your physical business more effectively:

  1. Offer a voucher on your website to use in-store: This is allows website visitors (or email subscribers) to print out a voucher for your business and redeem it in your store, or for a service you provide. Great for businesses that don’t sell online. Some examples would be a clothing store, cafe, or home services.
  2. In store stock only: Even if you have an online store you may get limited stock of one particular item. Promote this item on your website but have it only available in store.
  3. Gift bags: Promote on your website that the first (number) of people who come into your shop and mention to you get a free gift bag.
  4. Free postage – pickup in store: If you have an online store offer a ‘pickup in store’ option during the postage section. If people are near your shop they can pick up the items from you without needing to pay postage.
  5. VIP offers/nights: If you have email subscribers, your customers can login to your website or VIPs of any kind, offer a VIP night where they can come into your store and sample new items or buy with a discount.
  6. Information sessions: Similar to VIP nights, have an information session on a particular service or product inviting current or potential customers.
  7. Contact us for more details: Make sure your contact details are obvious. It is good to have a lot of information on your website about your products or services, but make it known that you can be contacted by phone or in store if people have questions or to talk to you about quotes.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to get your website visitors to visit your physical store. If you have any other ideas please post them in the comments section for people to see!

Maree Hamilton is Managing Director of TBP Women’s Business Alliance, a Certified Practicing Accountant and a public speaker. She helps small businesses to grow and reach new heights that they would never be able to reach on their own. www.tbpalliance.com.au

Joy Carrick, principal of Feral Art is a website & marketing guru www.feralart.com.au



Seven ways to link your website to your bricks and mortar business
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