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7 burning questions on digital marketing answered

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Digital marketing remains a source of confusion for many businesses. Digital marketer Sabri Suby answers seven of the most commonly asked questions by business owners.

Many people laughed at digital marketers 10 years ago: this tiny industry that surely couldn’t compete with TV ads and traditional media.

Well, 2017 is well and truly underway to be the first year where digital ad spend accounts for more than traditional media. EMarketer.com confirms that the internet is becoming the largest advertising channel at our disposal, so who’s the little guy now?


Working in the digital trenches for the last 10 years, generating over a million leads in hundreds of industries, I’ve heard it all when it comes to the concerns, confusion and misinformation business owners have about what digital marketing can do for their business. Hell, I was one of those business owners!

I’ve put together the seven most frequently asked questions prospective clients have asked my team and I over the years, that will debunk the misconceptions and get you thinking about what online marketing can do for your business:

1. Will digital marketing work for my business?

Everyone thinks that their business is unique and isn’t suited to online marketing. However, in 99 per cent of cases, digital marketing will help grow your business.

Majority of people today will search online when trying to find a good or service, so if you’re not easy to find online, you’re losing out on hundreds, even thousands, of potential sales.

2. Do I have to use both SEO and Google AdWords, or can I pick one?

In short, yes.

If you’re serious about your business growing and want to take control over your market, you will want to do both.



AdWords will provide you with instant results for a chosen keyword, but you have to think about the long game and that’s where SEO comes in. You want to dominate Google search results for the keywords or phrases of your choice so that customers only come to you, thereby creating a steady cash flow.

3. Is social media marketing dead?

Business owners worry that prospects won’t respond to Facebook advertising because they know it’s an ad.

Of course it’s an ad! But it still works.

Getting in front of your prospects and re-targeting them can turn a cold customer into a buying customer down the road.

The crucial factor is understanding your market so that you are targeting prospects that are likely to show an interest in your brand.

4. How often should I update my website?

The more regularly you can update your website, the better.

Google automatically trawls your website checking for edits and new information. If it detects no changes, it will visit your website less frequently and your Google ranking will drop. If your Google ranking drops, you’re harder to find online.

A common method for keeping your website up-to-date is by blogging; not only will this help your Google ranking, but it will also build rapport with your customers by giving them invaluable content!

5. Does my website need to be mobile-friendly?

When over half of web traffic is on mobile, your website needs to be mobile-friendly or potential customers will get frustrated with the user experience and redirect to your competitor.

Google also favours mobile responsiveness: its latest algorithm update will penalise your website for not being mobile-responsive, which will affect the Google ranking of your business.

6. How do you track results / what can I expect from an agency?

The bottom line every agency should be meeting is a monetary return on investment for their client. I believe, at the very least, you should put $1 in and get $2 out.

In order for you to make sales, you need an increase in traffic. To increase your traffic, your Google ranking must improve.

An agency that wants to see its clients succeed will continuously optimise your campaigns to maximise on what’s working and change what isn’t to keep those hot leads coming.

7. What one thing could I be doing that my competitors probably aren’t doing?

Build a sales funnel! This refers to the process taken to gather, nurture and convert prospects into customers through automation, eliminating the need to chase up clients and only speaking to ready-to-buy customers.

You can then focus on how to get more prospects into your funnel and nurturing your prospects to encourage them into buying.

Pro tip

The most common worst-case practice seen in digital marketing agencies is the trap of vanity metrics. Many agencies out there will convince you that an increase in click-through rates and impressions means they’ve done their job. Here is where many business owners get burnt and begin to mistrust agencies.

The mark of a good agency is one that will treat your business as its own and be invested in helping you achieve results. They will educate you on the process to getting more prospects to your virtual door, and check in on how those leads are going to ensure you are not missing out on valuable sales.

In my opinion, you should only have a marketing budget if your marketing isn’t working. Online marketing strategies, when executed well, will grow your business.

If you’re serious about dominating your market and growing your business, then start to examine how you can reinvest in your online marketing aggressively. When you’re spending $5 and getting $10 back, why wouldn’t you amp up your strategies!

Sabri Suby is the founder of digital marketing agency King Kong.

7 burning questions on digital marketing answered
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