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What it really means to optimise your website

What it really means to optimise your website

Optimise your website

SEO is useless if you’re not targeting the right audience, as one business owner explains how they implement targeted SEO for maximum effect.

By having a very clear, well-defined understanding of your target audience, you can really tailor your website content to reach that specific audience, says Amajjika Kumara of Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup.

“I’m competing with other salons for the position of best hairdresser [in] Sydney. Great. Thats what were going after … thats where were positioning ourselves,” explains Amajjika.

She takes the example of hair extensions to demonstrate the level of tailoring SEO really needs in order to reach that core audience.

“We actually offer a brand of hair extensions. You can get really cheap hair extensions, and weve got the most expensive you can get, because theyre the best quality and theyre synonymous with our level of quality and expertise,” she says.

“[So] I don’t just optimise this website for hair extensions; I optimise it for the specific brand name.”

By not being this specific in your SEO efforts, suggests Amajjika, you are simply wasting your time by competing in a larger, less defined space against a plethora of other less defined operators.



“I’m not wasting marketing effort competing on the mess. I’m actually only interested in this really narrow group of people looking for that hair extension. I can spend more on fewer people and get higher conversions.”

Amajjika’s experience provides real-world insights into digital marketer Tim Barnett’s comments on the My Business Podcast about using SEO correctly to funnel more sales into your business.

What it really means to optimise your website
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