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Businesses ARE being ripped off, insists whistleblower

Businesses ARE being ripped off, insists whistleblower

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Despite claims to the contrary, businesses and consumers are being blatantly ripped off when it comes to their web domains, an insider insists.

In an email sent to several federal ministers and senators, and seen by My Business, the self-described whistleblower accuses the .au Domain Administration (auDA) of a number of inaccuracies and conflicts of interest, including failing to properly tender for service providers to the benefit of the incumbent AusRegistry.

“I have been invol[v]ed in the international domain name industry for 20 years. I am a member of auDA,” the informant says.

“The fact is since 2009, every .au registrant has been paying too much. It has been ‘rigged’.

“Several media outlets where misled [when they were told] people can ‘shop around’. It is in fact impossible to ‘shop around’ for a lower wholesale .au price. That price is set by auDA and their subcontractor AusRegistry.

“In 2008, they both had a contract renewal which required the further lowering of .au prices as .au registration numbers increased. They both have failed to enact those terms so they BOTH could keep making massive profits at the expense of paying .au domain name owners.”

However, auDA and AusRegistry have denied any wrongdoing. According to AusRegistry, prices have been reduced in line with stipulated conditions in the 2008 supply contract.



“This is not true. Since undertaking the RLA (Registry Licence Agreement), AusRegistry has consistently met all contractual obligations with regards to pricing. This includes a series of threshold-based price reductions as per the agreement renewal in 2008, as well as all contractual obligations since,” Adrian Kinderis, AusRegistry’s CEO, told My Business.

“[Despite] the ever-increasing complexity and volume of cyber threats in today’s digital landscape … overall wholesale prices have not been increased in tandem and have in fact dropped.”


Businesses ARE being ripped off, insists whistleblower
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