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My Business' best links for the week

My Business' best links for the week

512x512-MyBus-Icon-V3_flattenOur weekly wanderings on the Web have found some fascinating stories, including a State MP's advice on how best to lobby politicians.

Ever wanted to lobby a politician? This blog post from NSW upper house member Penny Sharpe should probably be your first stop, as she outlines five ways to go about lobbying, plus the reasons some campaigns aren’t effective.

Penny Sharpe

We imagine that The Australian Media and Communications Authority is not a body that gets many small business hearts racing. But it’s new white paper, Broken Concepts: The Australian communications legislative landscape, is well worth a read if only because it illustrates just how technology is changing business. In fact if you’re in the media business, it is probably a compulsory read. The Authority has also popped out this useful interactive diagram that can teach you a lot in a few minutes.

Everybody here uses Google Maps, right? Well we think there’s a very decent alternative on the market now called Nearmaps. We think you’ll like it because it’s imagery is updated more often – in fact the deck your Editor just built at home is already visible. The company’s Australian, too!

We get a lot of new Twitter followers, but one that stands out this week is @BillyCEOCat whose bio says “I'm the world's first CEO Cat. My human thinks I'm the pet, but I'm really in charge!” So cute!

Australian Broker magazine may not be a publication that many of you know, but this week it has an interesting story analysing the way banks target small business: they think banks are desperate for your business. This link takes you to an e-zine with that story.