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How to add value to your business with your website

Leigh Riley
21 September 2011 3 minute readShare

For your website to be a business asset, instead of just an online brochure, you need to design it from the ground up to attract traffic from search engines, writes Leigh Riley.

Whether you like it or not, the internet is poised to play a larger part in our everyday life. Once upon a time, websites were little more than a virtual business brochure, but technological advancements have meant these have become interactive sales tools that will soon jump off the screen and onto the desk of your potential and existing clients.

Mobile phones have been superseded by smartphones which are morphing into the magic wand containing all and everything about you, including your credit card, bank, computer, health details, GPS, favourite music and movie library, and are your lifeline to society.

Leigh Riley

What all this means is that if you’ve had your head in the sand during these phenomenal changes, it’s likely your business won’t be in the future game of life as it is about to become.

During 2010, internet sales in Australia alone rose to $51 billion (3.6% of GDP)[1] and continue to increase. Business markets have multiplied because your customers are no longer confined to your local area. The internet is so readily accessible; anyone can trade easily on a global scale.   That’s significant enough to sit up and take note and consider how you can leverage your online presence to help build your business profits and boost its valuation.


Having a good looking website may satisfy visually, but if it isn’t user friendly or can’t be found due to the cyber-overcrowding occurring with more and more companies turning up online, you’re back to square one. You’ll want to provide your audience with a way to engage you and your business product services and sales. Getting found is the key to success, you can achieve this with a bit of expertise and a clearly defined marketing strategy.

A lot of website builders will tell you that getting found is all about paying for Google ads to optimise your website search. Whilst that is one way of achieving high ranking, there are so many more possibilities via organic search engine optimisation. It’s crucial that your website is built to be found from the outset if you are to maximise this potential for your business.

Webmaster, Karyn Clarke from www.HubsiteBuilder.com summarises it succinctly with her organic system that BOOSTS your web presence:

  • Blog regularly to produce a presence that adds sales and profits to your business
  • Optimise every blog post and every page of your website

One purpose per web page is the key to maximising your online marketing. Web pages that are busy with multiple messages on each page confuse and lose your audience. That style of webpage will not suit the wave of smartphone users due to screen size, so it is counter-productive to have each page say too much.



  • Socialise with new media to attract, connect and convert new visitors to sales.       That means building a presence to far reaching corners of the globe. When you spark their interest, they will engage your website and transact online
  • Tame Time with systemisation, automation and education, which can be achieved very easily when your website is set up to do this at a click of a button.
  • Stay in touch with your website visitors with your email autoresponder system.

As one of the least technically minded people you could ever meet, I can personally attest to the frustration I’ve suffered trying to get past the need for the internet. But with some education and the right guidance, I am now convinced it is the only way forward for all business. Resisting the internet wave will be as useless as trying to effectively swim and survive against a tsunami wave.


If you’re ready to build your knowledge bank of how to make the internet work to build your business valuation, join me by registering for the FREE webinar at http://www.yourbusinesssuccession.com/boost-your-business-valuation-with-your-website.php. I’ll be interviewing special guest and website expert, Karyn Clarke, live from Sydney, Australia.   You really can’t afford to miss this FREE session if you want to capitalise on the internet and grow your business valuation using your website to expand and profit.


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[1] ABS, sourced Deloittes Access Economics; August 2011

How to add value to your business with your website
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