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Top 5 social media tips for business owners

Gino Lisondra
05 October 2017 6 minute readShare
Social media engagement

Businesses—large or small—need the use of social media to grow their market base and increase business growth. When you harness the power of social media and use it well, you open your business to more opportunities for success.

Social media has now become an undeniably powerful tool not only for individuals but also for businesses to reach more people and inspire more actions beneficial to their business goals. As a business owner/manager, you need social media to reach, engage, and grow your market base, as well as promote your brand and company’s interests.

Here are five tips for a powerful social media presence:

  1. Establish the right social media presence
  2. Create content that conquers
  3. Insist on quality—quality always trumps quantity
  4. Be present, be everywhere, but never overwhelm
  5. Build an organic community

Establish the right social media presence

First of all, you have to have one. A lack of social media presence makes potential customers question the legitimacy of your brand and business. It’s no longer a question whether or not you should get on social media—you must. The real question is which social media platforms and strategies should you focus on, and how are you going to build, maintain, and further your brand’s social media reach and impact?

An active social media presence is necessary to show and instill in current and potential customers that as a business owner/manager you’re running your company smoothly and excellently, and that all customer needs and demands are thoroughly considered, if not satisfactorily met.

Your brand or business’s social media presence won’t be of any real value, however, if it isn’t the right social media presence. Being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and the other social media giants still amounts to nothing if you’re not utilising the potentials of said platforms to introduce your brand and then engage both current and potential customers.

So how do you make sure your social media presence is the right one? Consider the following:

  • Be real
  • Choose things to focus on and do them well
  • Turn your social media accounts into lead generators

Be real

Customers get interested in a brand or business that is passionate about the things they do and aim for. Sure, every social media account/page shares the occasional business-relevant tips and tidbits and/or links to their new offerings and blog posts—but that’s what everyone’s been doing.

When you’re real—and you get real—with your current and potential customers, you present to them a solid identity that bares why you’re excited to work every day for your brand/business. Passion breeds passion. When your customers see you’re passionate, they will, in turn, take more interest in your brand and in what you do.

Choose things to focus on and do them well

Identify where most of your target audience is and focus on that specific social media platform. You don’t have to be on all of the social media channels, but you have to be where your customers are and where you can easily and effectively reach them.

To do this, you have to inspect and find out which network has the highest concentration of your current and target customers. There are available tools and software that help you track your audience’s general activity and where they’re most concentrated—use these and find out whether you need to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc., or a combination or a set of these platforms.

Here, a thorough understanding of your business marketing needs and objectives will help inform your selection of the social media network(s) and strategies to focus on.

Turn your social media accounts into lead generators

A strong list of qualified leads is one indicator of a thriving company. A compilation of names, email addresses, and other necessary contact details makes it easier for you to communicate and keep in touch with your target market. Growing this list of contacts also makes way for more opportunities for business development and expansion.

You can use your social media presence to create an opt-in strategy on your accounts and pages. You can design a custom welcome tab where a two-step process allows you to increase your market base. To do this, you include a call to action with the tab, encouraging non-followers to like and/or follow your account/page.

When you do get the like and/or follow, offer a surprise giveaway or treat in exchange for names and email addresses. With this, you not only grow your leads list but also increase your market reach!

Create content that conquers

When we say content that conquers, we mean effective content. What makes your content effective? When it directs your followers/audience to your main website, engages them, and inspires them to act—which means to purchase/avail your product(s)/service(s)?

Content that conquers—an arresting content—need not be complicated. Actually, it must not be complicated. It shouldn’t require too much time and effort to create as well. Start with great visuals and relevant, informative text. When your content is simple, relevant, engaging, and makes your customers purchase/avail your product(s)/service(s), then it is a content that conquers.

Insist on quality—quality always trumps quantity

Followers who share your posts, comment and react on your content, get involved, and participate constantly—even if there’s only a thousand of them—are more valuable than hundreds of thousands more who don’t do anything.

Yes, it’s an exciting thing to get lots and lots of fans and followers, but if they’re the kind who are inactive and don’t do anything with your content, then you’re simply keeping a hollow fan/follower base. Also, avoid purchasing instant likes and follows (insta-like/insta-follow). They’re simply a waste of time. They will not bring any real value or benefit to you and your business.

Be present, be everywhere, but never overwhelm

When you are present and readily available to your fans and followers, you inspire in them a feeling of community. When they feel they’re considered an integral part of your business, they will, more often than not, proceed in doing things beneficial to your business. More than the intensified sharing, commenting, and liking of your posts, they will also purchase/avail your product(s)/service(s)!

Being present and being everywhere, however, doesn’t mean you spam your fans/followers and constantly bombard them with new offers, deals, etc. Spamming and overwhelming your customers/followers never result in anything beneficial to your business.

It’s enough that you share good content, respond to their queries, and engage them some more. If you overdo things, your fans/followers might decide to totally block/un-follow your page, which is never good for business. So make sure you only engage them through quality and well-timed content that doesn’t overwhelm (or underwhelm).

Remember, a satisfied and happy fan base means good marketing. Good marketing means good sales. Good sales mean good profit.

Build an organic community

Now that you’ve engaged fans/followers who are active in your social media account(s)/page(s), you proceed by going further in keeping them and exceeding their expectations as much as possible.

On Facebook, groups help you do this. Create a group for all your fans/followers, and link this group to your account(s)/page(s). Facebook allows you to do this so that your groups show right away when your current followers and potential ones visit your page(s).

In the group, you will engage your fans/followers not only by sharing your posts and contents on your page, but also by offering them exclusive deals and treats. When they’re happy and satisfied, your organic fan base will invite more of their friends and contacts on Facebook, growing your market base and strengthening your market reach even further.

When you thoroughly understand and employ the above tips, you will begin seeing more organic traffic first, on your social media pages, then finally, to your website. Always remember that your social media presence must direct traffic to your website, where your customers can purchase/avail your product(s)/service(s).

Establishing a powerful social media presence, coupled with good marketing strategies, will open you to more opportunities in increasing your market reach and promoting overall business growth. Simply, powerful social media presence helps you get ahead and then on top of the competition—then thrive.

Top 5 social media tips for business owners
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