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Microsoft's new 'mouse without borders'

Microsoft's new 'mouse without borders'

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Microsoft has released a free program that makes it much easier to share files in a small business and also lets you use one mouse and keyboard on several PCs. That sounds like a winner in the office!

If your business is still small enough that you don't have a server and you want to share a file with a colleague, you probably email it.

Your probably shouldn't - Windows has a feature called shared folders that let you move files across a network. But shared folders - let's be blunt - suck. They're just not much fun and can get pretty frustrating. Lots of people revert to email or schlep USB sticks around the office as a result.

Microsoft has just done something about that with a new, free, tool called 'Mouse without Borders'. You can get it here.

The program lets you use your mouse on your own PC - and on up to three others on the same network. You can even drag a file from your PC to another.

You can see Mouse without Borders at work in the video below. It even has a decent back story - its creator is a Vietnamese immigrant to the USA.




Microsoft's new 'mouse without borders'
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