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Stop shoplifting with DNA spray

Lia Timson
13 April 2011 1 minute readShare
A criminal holding a tablet computer

A new product claims to spray shoplifters with synthetic DNA, which makes it easier for law enforcement authorities to bring them to justice.

We confess to being a bit skeptical of the promises made by a new product we have just encountered: anti-theft DNA technology. But it sounds so creative we wanted to share it with you.

It is a fine mist containing a synthetic DNA formula that can be seen under ultra-violet light and is unique to your retail premises. It sits in a receptacle above the door waiting for an intruder to rob the shop.


As soon as the thief or thieves head for the exit, a staff member presses a panic button and the thieves and the goods they have stolen are sprayed with the mist up to 15 times.

ADT Security which markets the DNA Guardian product in Australia says the liquid penetrates the goods and can stay on a person’s skin for up to six weeks.


Police can then track the stolen items back to your premises and suspects can also be put at the scene of the crime using the DNA evidence, theoretically helping police secure convictions.

McDonald’s in the Netherlands have reportedly installed the device and a sign to alert would-be burglars that they will “be marked”.

ADT reckons it is applicable to convenience stores, jewellers and pubs, and works very well as a deterrent in markets.

Here at My Business we have heard of gangs raiding electronic goods warehouses in Sydney’s west recently and imagine this could have come in handy to spray the plasma TVs, smartphones and set-top-boxes which will no doubt soon turn up in suspect places and websites labeled as bargains.



Stop shoplifting with DNA spray
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Lia Timson

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