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Three reasons the iPhone 4S matters for small business

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Three reasons the iPhone 4S matters for small business

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technology-iconApple has announced the iPhone 4S, and we explore three ways it creates possibilities for small business.

Just in case you have been under a rock this morning, Apple has released a new iPhone model today. The new iPhone 4S looks just like the old iPhone 4, but is a lot faster and has a better camera that can now record high definition video.

The jewel in the crown is a new personal assistant program called “Siri” and we’ve made it the first of our three reasons the iPhone 4S matters for small business.


1. Siri means you need to understand location services ASAP
Siri will let iPhone 4 users speak to their phone and say things like “I’m in the mood for Italian food in Bondi.” The iPhone 4S will then produce a list of nearby Italian restaurants. The iPhone 4S will see a few tens of millions around the world Apple won’t be the last to come up with a service like this. The arrival of the new iPhone is therefore a call to action for any small business owner that relies on walk-in traffic to get their heads around the new world of location-based services and mobile marketing – this stuff is here and will grow fast.

The iPhone 4S

2. You can make media anywhere now, and display it too
The iPhone 4S’ camera can record high definition video using the 1080p standard. It can also capture very detailed still images. If you’ve been thinking about making short videos or using a photo-blog a part of your marketing, the iPhone 4S means you have the tool you need. Add a tripod mount like the Glif and you can start to make making media a part of your everyday activity, which should make it far easier to keep your social media efforts up to date with content.

The iPhone 4S' screen is also good enough that you can use it to show video or images to clients. Start thinking about how to show clients what you do by whipping out your phone, instead of waiting for a laptop to boot up.

3. You can afford awesome phones for your team
Apple usually keeps the previous model of iPhone on sale for quite a while after a new release and that should mean the iPhone 4 goes on sale at tantalising prices. The iPhone 4 is pretty awesome and, even though it is a year old, shades many of its Android rivals because it is just that little bit more usable. The iPhone 4 is fine for email too, so deserves a look if you think it's time for new smartphones in your business.



Three reasons the iPhone 4S matters for small business
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