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Internet woes grinding business to a halt

Internet woes grinding business to a halt

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Poor internet connectivity is acting as a dampener on business growth, with more than half of businesses claiming to be impacted on a regular basis.

A sample poll conducted on the My Business website found that of the 290 respondents, more than a third (38.3 per cent) said they “often” experienced connection problems, while 12.4 per cent admitted to “sometimes” being on the receiving end of such issues.

Most troubling, however, is the finding that almost one in six (14.1 per cent) said such problems plagued them “almost constantly”.


Some 28.3 per cent of the respondents said their business only “occasionally” experienced connection woes, while a lucky 6.9 per cent said they were “never” affected by poor internet connection.

The poll comes as major telco companies including Telstra and Optus announced plans to reimburse customers who had received lower than advertised internet speeds.

The move followed intervention in the market by the ACCC, which claimed that information around internet speeds had been “unhelpful”.

“Few enabling industries are more important to the modern economy than telecommunications; few years have been more challenging than 2017,” ACCC chair Rod Sims said in a speech back in August this year.



“There has never been a more important time to make confident and informed broadband purchasing decisions, but the information consumers are currently provided with does not make this possible.”

Internet woes grinding business to a halt
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