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Mobile coupon market to grow 800% by 2016

Justin Grey
02 November 2011 1 minute readShare

Yet more data has emerged predicting big things for mobile commerce and marketing, this time in the form of an analyst's report suggesting mobile coupons will grow from a $US5.4billion industry today to $US43billion in 2016.

Mobile apps will become a new way to advertise, arrange payments and conduct loyalty schemes, and will become so popular that by 2016 $US43billion of coupons distributed through apps will be redeemed.

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That's the prediction contained in a new report from anlayst outfit Juniper Research.


The says mobile coupons are "a key catalyst for the mobile commerce market, especially for bricks-and-mortar retailers and are now appearing as an integral part of almost every new mobile wallet launch."

The report warns that retailers will need to be careful with their use of mobile coupons. "Handled properly, the mobile coupon builds customer loyalty as the user enters into a permission-based exchange of information with the brand, merchant or retailer, so that only relevant coupons are receive," Juniper said in an extract of the report delivered by press release. But unless retailers secure opt-in from their customers, takeup will be slower.


“Mobile coupons are going mainstream," said the report's author David Snow. "Cost effective mobile coupon campaigns are now within the reach of smaller retailers providing them with an easy way to drive profitable footfall and build customer loyalty. To ignore the potential of mobile coupons would be to ignore the future of mobile commerce.”

The release of this report come just days after Australian analyst firm Telsyte predicted that Australia will have 18.5 million smartphone users by 2015 , and that smartphones will become consumers' dominant source of media.




Mobile coupon market to grow 800% by 2016
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Justin Grey

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