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Christmas present candidate - one-can USB fridge

Justin Grey
17 November 2011 1 minute readShare
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xmas_stockingStarting today, My Business will bring you ideas for Christmas presents with which to delight your staff, clients ... or maybe even yourself if you drop the right hints around the house.

The USB Fridge Cooler

It was 38 degrees in My Business' home town of Sydney this week and that provoked the usual grumbles from the parts of the office the aircon doesn't reach.

If only the folks in that part of the office had a USB Fridge Cooler on hand. This gizmo plugs into the USB port on a PC and has just enough space to hold a single can of soft drink. That means they could have found a refreshing beverage without breaking a sweat walking to the water cooler!


Officeworks didn't have a review unit we could test, but we are a little worried by the presence of "cooler" in the name as it suggests it may not do an awesomely chilling job. Furthering our suspicision is the fact that USB ports output only five volts, which means USB fans we've seen over the years were pretty wimpy.

Officeworks is selling the device for $19.95. Click here to order it online.




Christmas present candidate - one-can USB fridge
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Justin Grey

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