Christmas present candidate no. 2 - retro gaming table

xmas_stockingToday's Christmas present candidate will make your office the coolest place to be for those raised on the classic games of the 1980s.

Pool or foosball tables are so last year as office playthings, and who can keep up with Generation Y when they hog the XBOX or Playstation?

A customised retro arcade table

If you're looking for an office entertainer as a gift to the gang, why not go back to the future with a branded arcade table loaded up with 60 video game classics from the eighties?

That’s what’s on offer from Sydney company You’ll need $3,000 to get in the game, but that stack of cash can even buy you a branded chassis (like the one for Rio Tinto pictured at right) so the world can see just how cool your office has become.

Best of all, you can even pay for these beauties with Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

Now ... who can beat the Phoenix high score I clocked at the Manuka squash courts after school in 1984?

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