Christmas present candidate no. 4 - Digital binoculars

xmas_stockingToday's Christmas present candidate is the mutant offspring of a pair of opera glasses a 3D video camera.

Sony's DEV-5 digital binoculars

If your summer relaxation includes watching cricket, tennis, golf or anything that needs a close up, Sony’ new Dev-5 could be just the thing. Billed as ‘digital binoculars’ we think this $1999 gadget is perhaps better understood as the mutant offspring of a pair of binoculars and a video camera, as it can easily record moving pictures – even in 3D. There's your in as an office purchase - everyone needs a good video camera these days!

There’s also 20x zoom so you can get up very, very close, plus a GPS receiver so you can ‘geotag’ photos so you’ll know just where you were when Sachin Tendulkar cracks his 100th hundred, or Sam Stosur wins the Australian Open.

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