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Sorting fact from fiction on digital uptake

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Sorting fact from fiction on digital uptake

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Business leaders are often bombarded with advice on how going digital can do this or save that. But what are the true costs, efficiencies, benefits and drawbacks of embracing digital technologies?

As the editor of My Business, I can empathise only too well with businesses on this point. On a daily basis, my inbox is flooded with “revolutionary” and “innovative” technologies that promise big things for Australian SMEs.

Of course, there are efficiencies to be found through technology. But their true size, nature and availability are less obvious.


Business leaders tell me again and again that behind the headline efficiencies, there are unexplored costs of taking legacy products and systems digital:

  • How much will it cost me?
  • Is it an upfront or rolling expense?
  • How much time will I lose training my staff to use it?
  • Will the transition lead to do business downtime or a loss of productivity?
  • How will my customers cope with the change?
  • Can the technology really do what it says it does?

The last question, I would say, is particularly problematic. As someone noted recently, the introduction of email was supposed to streamline our communications like never before, taking society paperless and making fax machines obsolete.

Now while faxes are definitely not the common fixture of workplaces they used to be, I’m hard-pressed to find someone who agrees that we are now paperless, or even more efficient, because of emails. Many would argue the opposite – that email has actually made us less productive.

It is for this reason that My Business is hosting its first ever webcast next week, live from our Sydney offices.



We’ll be putting your questions to DocuSign – a technology firm whose platform aims to take agreements, contracts and other critical documentation paperless. And, importantly, we’ll also be joined by one of its SME customers, who will share her first-hand experience with embracing digital to solve real-world business problems.

This will be your chance to get live, unscripted responses to all those niggling questions, queries or concerns you have about business digitisation.

Register now for the webcast (it’s free!), which will take place at 11am on Tuesday, 25 September. Or if you can’t join us live, feel free to submit your questions to me beforehand on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and watch the recording later to find out the answers.

I look forward to joining you on the day.

Adam Zuchetti – Editor, My Business

Sorting fact from fiction on digital uptake
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