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Is your business secure? Free tests help you find the gaps

A close up of a computer monitor, with a mouse hovering over a clickable button that says 'security'

Recent cyber-security incidents like the hacks on Sony and email provider Epsilon highlight the need for security, and some vendors are helping with online assessment tools that help you find any gaps in your defences.

Is your business secure?

That’s a question all IT vendors would like Australian entrepreneurs to understand and be able to answer in their quest to help secure your business and the internet.


Now anti-virus vendor AVG has launched a dedicated IT security audit website to help small business owners uncover basic security flaws in a few minutes and, hopefully, take steps to fix them.

Mind you, you won’t unearth many system imperfections – you’d need scanning software and penetration testing for that - but procedural ones.

Questions include whether you have paper-based or fully automated online systems; allow staff to connect to work using their own devices; feature data security in employee contracts; and whether your servers have firewalls.

It’s not a comprehensive security audit, but we think anything that helps raise awareness of cyber security and move businesses a step closer to fully understanding the risks they face is positive.

To receive the results, you must give out your name, company and email details, but they don’t need to be your real ones (except for an email address so you can unlock the report).

Results include suggested action steps and further reading references, naturally, mostly from AVG.



Symantec, maker of Norton, has a similar audit website as reported in our Spring 2010 issue.

Have you or an IT vendor done an audit of your business? How secure do you feel you are from cyber threats?

Is your business secure? Free tests help you find the gaps
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