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AI human-level communication to ‘enormously impact’ work

James Mitchell
01 October 2021 1 minute readShare
AI human-level communication

Artificial intelligence-style communication will have dramatic impacts on all facets of life as it exists intelligently among us, according to Australian-based GetMee, the world’s first research centre focused purely on communication.

Head of research at pioneering AI technology company GetMee, Dr Govand Azeez, predicts digitalisation and AI revolution will have an enormous impact on work, education and society within our lifetime.

The company has just delivered its controversial findings to a conference of over 160 academics and students in the field of communication.

Dr Azeez, a philosopher and political economist who examines technology’s impact on society, said that, in a time when AI systems and communication is changing the way we live and work so drastically, regulations and ethics in AI need immediate attention in order to mitigate drastic effects on society and the public.

Economists argue that in the next few decades, AI revolution will change the market and workforce. Dr Azeez explained that we will gradually see the automation of traditional professional jobs that rely on cognitive thinking, including doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers and accountants.

Dr Azeez foresees “that it is difficult for AI to replicate understanding in interpreting or reading human emotions. This side of human society and consciousness (as opposed to cognitive reasoning) will become central to the new fast-developing economy and mode of production.”

GetMee also produces a world-first app powered by AI, which objectively measures and enhances the social, emotional and communication skills of individuals.

The GetMee app is designed with this rapidly unfolding economic, social and scientific framework in mind. It educates, trains and supports individuals, enterprises and communities, and equips them with the necessary emotional and social intelligence skills to thrive.

Having just opened for investment, more than 220 investors over only three weeks expressed interest in the AI technology which enhances verbal and non-verbal language skills.

Initially, GetMee secured $500k in seed funding to launch, and has just completed the EOI period of the investment stage. 

According to founder Balendran Thavarajah, expert, live human coaches and an interactive platform support the AI application with videos and other educational content, helping individuals and teams grasp and apply advanced concepts.

“The app learns and evolves with you, the client, so you continually grow and improve your communication,” he said.

Mr Thavarajah said that GetMee is effectively a private coach supporting the individual with their own private communication needs, rather than providing a program created for a group of people.

The Birchal campaign is to expand the new business and research, allowing users the opportunity to be a part of the global story born in Melbourne.

AI human-level communication to ‘enormously impact’ work
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James Mitchell

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