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How digitising business agreements gives SMBs an agility advantage

Digitising your business documents is about more than just being able to send electronic invoices and contracts. Businesses are discovering how digitising their workflow has completely transformed their business and has propelled them to greater success. Every business large or small can benefit from digitising their systems. Join My Business as we discover how a business can reduce time, effort and cost and increased their bottom line and customer outcomes with a simple transition that all businesses can make.

If you’re interested in reducing the time, effort and cost you spend on paperwork and increasing your bottom line and customer outcomes then this is a webcast not to be missed.

In this webcast you’ll find out:

  • Case studies: How NowInfinity transitioned to completely paperless entity management that’s reducing time, cost and effort.
  • How digitizing agreements has led to better bottom lines and better customer outcomes.
  • How digitising dozens of financial processes is resulting in more compliant interaction with ASIC, as well as fewer fees
  • What innovative strategies SMBs can use to collect customer data digitally
  • How you can use digital processes to achieve scalability for your business

Webcast details

Date: Tuesday 25th, September
Time: 11am EST
Duration:60 minutes


Meet the panellists

1. Adam Zuchetti, editor, My Business

2. Amreeta Abbott, founder, NowInfinity

3. Tom Hyde, Head of SMB DocuSign APAC


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