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Casual Conversion - Confirmation of Employment Status Letter

Version 1.0 Updated 14 May 2020
Correspondence Manage

Who can use this letter?

The Casual Conversion - Comfirmation of Employment Status letter can be used when an employer wants to confirm that the employment relationship with the employee is either full-time, part-time or casual.

When should you use this letter?

This letter is best used at the end of a casual conversion process, when the employee has made an election as to whether they wish to remain casual or covert to permanent employment.
It is a good idea for businesses to confirm the employment status of the employee in writing and provide a new contract of employment (if necessary) so there is certainty for all parties involved.

Casual Conversion process

The business should only confirm the employment status with an employee after you have followed the below steps:

Step 1:

  1. provided the employee with notification of the casual conversion clause in any relevant award or agreement (see Casual Conversion - Notification of Casual Conversion Clause letter);

Step 2:

  1. offered the employee the right to convert to permanent employment or notified the employee of their right to elect to convert to permanent employment (see Casual Conversion Letter - Award/Enterprise Agreement Free or Casual Conversion Letter - Award/Agreement Covered)

Casual Conversion clauses in modern awards and enterprise agreements 
Businesses that have employees that are covered by a modern award need to be particularly careful when undergoing a casual conversion process as many modern awards and enterprise agreements contain a clause entitling casual workers to convert to part-time or full-time employment. These clauses contain specific obligations on the employer that your business will need to comply with.
If you are unsure of the obligations on your business or need assistance in implementing a casual conversion process, you may need to seek specific legal advice tailored to your business.

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