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Disciplinary Policy - Plain English

Version 1.0 Updated 22 Feb 2017
Policy Manage

Why you need this Disciplinary Policy

Having a Policy helps ensure your business follows an appropriate procedure with employees who need to work through performance and/or misconduct issues. Using this Policy will ensure your business disciplines its employees in a lawful manner, which is particularly important prior to terminating an employee for disciplinary issues.

Businesses that don’t follow fair and reasonable disciplinary processes increase the risk of an employee (or ex-employee) bringing a successful claim against the business.

Workplace’s Disciplinary Policy sets out in Plain English how you will handle disciplinary issues in your business.

This Disciplinary Policy is designed for use by small businesses with uncomplicated employment arrangements.


Workplace is pleased to present these simplified plain English policies and documents. We have prepared these documents as a result of feedback from subscribers and businesses. Sometimes businesses and their employees find detailed policies (or documents) unnecessarily complex and quite frankly, boring.

However, as a result of simplifying these policies/documents, it is important to be mindful as to whether they are appropriate for your business and whether they suit the circumstances for your employees. The idea behind providing you with an option of plain English policies/documents is to best serve the outcomes you desire for your business.  

You may also wish to consider contacting Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors Pty Limited for targeted advice on your businesses specific needs.

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