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EEO Checklist

Version 1.2 Updated 3 Jul 2023
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Who can use this checklist?

This checklist can be used by all employers.


It is important that all employers consider whether there are any policies or practices operating in their organisation that may result in either direct or indirect discrimination against workplace participants (i.e. employees or other persons such as contractors in the workplace). Policies and practices should be reviewed generally to ensure they contain no elements which may discriminate, either directly or indirectly, against workplace participants on any prohibited grounds. Discriminatory or potentially discriminatory policies and practices should be removed or restructured so that they do not breach any legal obligations under the various states and federal anti-discrimination, freedom of association, employment, equal employment opportunity, vilification and harassment laws (‘EEO Laws’).

By reviewing the criteria contained in the Checklist, you should develop a better idea of whether there are potential risks within your organisation in breaching EEO Laws. If having reviewed the criteria you feel there may be EEO issues in your workplace, you should seek appropriate advice. If you have not placed a tick in any of the boxes in the Checklist, you should establish plans to address a possible area of discrimination and seek advice.
More information on anti-discrimination can be found at:


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