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First Aid Policy

Version 1.1 Updated 31 Aug 2017
Policy Manage

Who can use this policy

This policy can be used by all employers.


This is a general First Aid Policy which sets out the broad obligations of employers and employees, agents, volunteers, work experience students and contractors, including sub-contractors and temporary contractors (referred to as 'workplace participants') under the relevant workplace health and safety legislation (the 'Legislation'). Employers have a responsibility under the Legislation to make provision for first aid facilities and personnel.

In determining the nature, number and location of first aid supplies, facilities, equipment, rooms and the number of trained first aid personnel required, the Policy will need to be modified to take into account:

  • the location(s) of the employer’s place of work;
  • the types of hazards that are present;
  • the number of workplace participants at a particular location; and
  • the type of work being undertaken.


The Legislation, as well as some modern awards and industrial agreements, prescribe specific first aid requirements required to be provided by the employer (such as the contents of the employer’s first aid kit, the requirements for the first aid room, the required qualifications of first aid personnel and any additional allowances to be paid to first aid attendants). If the employer is unsure of its compliance obligations it should obtain independent legal advice from a workplace lawyer, such as Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors.

Employers should ensure first aiders are properly trained and hold nationally recognised Statements of Attainment by a Registered Training Organisation for the nationally endorsed first aid units of competency. The first aid officer’s training must be kept up to date and the employer should pay for this if necessary.

This policy should supplement a general policy dealing with workplace health and safety. 

Important note to subscribers 
The commentaries and documents in Workplace are updated as necessary, to keep them relevant. You should familiarise yourself with the relevant commentary each time you create a document. 
This document has been drafted to suit a wide variety of businesses, with a number of options available to enable you to customise the document to better suit your business. Nevertheless, you may need to make other changes to the document so that it suits the specific needs of your business. If you make additional changes, we cannot guarantee that the changes and modifications you make to the document will be legally compliant or enforceable.

This commentary and any additional information provided to assist you in creating this document, does not constitute legal advice. 

If you are unsure about any aspect of this document (including the changes or amendments you make to it), you should seek appropriate advice from a lawyer, skilled in these issues. You may also wish to consider contacting Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors for targeted advice on your business’s specific needs.
You should consult with your financial advisor in relation to any relevant taxation or financial issues concerning the document you create. 

After creating this document, you should read through it carefully to make sure it meets your business needs and is consistent with other industrial instruments, policies and procedures which operate in your workplace. This commentary is not designed to be provided to employees or other workplace participants.

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