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Induction Letter

Version 1.0 Updated 10 Nov 2017
Correspondence Recruitment

Who can use this document?

This document can be used by all employers.


This letter is designed to be included in induction materials and given to the employee on the first day of employment, or earlier if possible.

It should include any information necessary to assist the employee in settling in to the workplace, including information on matters such as hours of work, timing of meal breaks (if applicable), pay day, leave policies, workplace health and safety, emergency evacuation procedures and equal employment opportunity. Much of this information will be specific to the workplace.

The details contained in the induction letter should be consistent with the employee's contract of employment, and any industrial instrument that covers the employee's employment.

The employer must also proved the new employee with a Fair Work Information Statement as required by the National Employment Standards no later than their first day of employment.

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