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Induction Policy

Version 1.0 Updated 1 May 2020
Policy Recruitment

Who can use this policy

This policy can be used by all employers.


The manner in which a new employee’s induction is carried out is a matter for an employer however, having a written Induction Policy can assist to streamline the process so that all employees are inducted in the same manner. A written induction policy also assists as a record keeping tool of the training provided to new employees.

The induction policy you will create using Workplace is intended to be an example of the types of matters you may wish to include in your final induction policy. The policy provides for Induction to occur in two phases. Phase 1 entails completion of appropriate paperwork which is typically undertaken on the first day of employment. Phase 2 is conducting a face to face induction session.

One aspect of the induction process involves training employees in relation to equal opportunity employment, discrimination and harassment. You may wish to consider engaging an external trainer to provide new (and current) employees with such training. The induction policy does not include an extensive range of optional provisions, as such, employers should tailor the policy to suit their organisational requirements.

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