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Leave Without Pay Policy

Version 1.5 Updated 7 Oct 2021
Policy Manage

Who can use this policy

This policy can be used by all employers.


Employers may wish to provide leave without pay in certain circumstances, for example, where an employee has exhausted an entitlement to paid leave or where an employee wishes to take a period of absence from work for other reasons (e.g. a sabbatical or a 'gap year'). This Leave Without Pay Policy will assist employers to outline when they will be prepared to provide such leave to employees.

More Important Information

The policy also helps to make clear to employees what is expected of them if they take unpaid leave, for example, how often they need to correspond with their employer and what information they need to provide. This will assist employers who are considering whether to treat an employee as having abandoned their employment. It is recommended that all arrangements for leave without pay are confirmed in writing.

Subscribers may wish to supplement this policy with other leave policies.

Further information

Further information on how to use this document can be found at the 'How to use these policies' link on the Policies page of the HR Advance website.

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