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Notice of Meeting

Version 1.0 Updated 22 Dec 2017
Correspondence Manage

Who can use this correspondence?

This correspondence can be used by all employers.


This document should be given to an employee as far in advance of any meeting as possible. Failure to provide an employee with appropriate notification of a meeting may have adverse consequences for an employer where the meeting leads to termination of employment (e.g. a finding that the termination was procedurally unfair).

To ensure procedural fairness, an employer should also provide the employee with the option to bring a person of their choice to the meeting as the employee’s support person. This person is not there to act as the employee’s advocate, but to merely provide morale support and to act as the employee’s witness.

Where there are concerns regarding an employee’s conduct or performance it is a good practice to conduct a meeting with the employee to discuss these issues.
This document includes provisions for the discussion of confidentiality arrangements, as well as advising the employee that disciplinary action may be taken if confidentiality is breached. It also includes an optional section dealing with victimisation.

When completing the letter, you should include as much information as possible concerning the inappropriate conduct or performance of the employee. You should also include references to any previous warnings (if any) given to the employee.

In conducting the meeting to discuss the employee’s performance, employers should ensure that they comply with any relevant requirements which may be specified in their policies, contracts of employment, and industrial instruments.

After the conclusion of the meeting, it is good practice to confirm the outcome of the meeting with the employee in writing. The Record of Meeting document is available on Workplace for that purpose.

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