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Record Of Meeting

Version 1.0 Updated 19 Mar 2018
Correspondence Manage

Who can use this correspondence?

This correspondence can be used by National System Employers and Non-National System Employers.


A record of meeting should be created as soon as possible after a meeting with an employee where their poor conduct or performance is discussed.

This record of meeting includes four main sections:

  1. The specific allegation(s) of poor conduct/performance that were raised at the meeting.
  2. Outcomes of what responses the employee gave to the examples of poor conduct/performance.
  3. Confirmation of what the employee has agreed to do to improve their conduct/performance.
  4. An optional section which allows you to confirm that the employee will be issued with a warning letter.

It is important that the record be an accurate reflection of what occurred the meeting.

All parties who attended the meeting, including the employee, should be asked to review and sign the record to indicate their agreement with its content. If the employee disputes the content of the record, this should be noted on the record and the employee should be asked to explain why they do not agree with the content of the record.

In conducting the meeting to discuss the employee’s performance, employers should ensure that they comply with any relevant requirements which may be specified in their policies, contracts, and industrial instruments.

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