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Rehabilitation Policy and Procedure

Version 1.1 Updated 3 Jun 2022
Policy Manage

Who can use this policy?

This Rehabilitation Policy and Procedure can be used by all employers.


This Rehabilitation Policy and Procedure (Policy and Procedure) applies to employees, agents and contractors (including temporary contractors) collectively referred to in the Policy and Procedure as ‘workplace participants’.

The Policy and Procedure is designed to assist both the employer and workplace participants with the return to work process following a work-related illness or injury, as well as trying to return a workplace participant to work as soon as possible after an injury. This Policy and Procedure reflects the company’s commitment to rehabilitate injured workplace participants. Effective management of injured workers requires early intervention and early return to work, consistent with the injury. Steps to managing injuries and returning injured workers to employment may include:

  • informing workers how to report and record workplace incidents and injuries;
  • early notification of the injury to the insurer/agent;
  • early contact with the worker and his/her treating doctor and nominated rehabilitation provider;
    establishing a suitable duties and/or return to work program in line with medical advice, the insurer/agent and nominated rehabilitation provider; and
  • providing suitable employment for the injured worker, where appropriate/possible.


This Policy and Procedure outlines steps that can be taken to assist in the effective management of injured workers. However, it is general in nature and as such employers should consider any State or Territory specific requirements under workers’ compensation legislation when implementing this Policy and Procedure.

Important note to subscribers

The commentaries and the documents in Workplace are updated as necessary, to keep them relevant. You should familiarise yourself with the relevant commentary each time you create a document.

This document has been drafted to suit a wide variety of businesses and is general in nature. Nevertheless, you may need to make other changes to the document so that it suits the specific needs of your business. If you make additional changes, we cannot guarantee that the changes and modifications you make to the document will be legally compliant or enforceable.

This commentary and any additional information provided to assist you in creating this document, does not constitute legal advice.

If you are unsure about any aspect of this document (including the changes or amendments you make to it), you should seek appropriate advice from a lawyer, skilled in the issues. You may also wish to consider contacting Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors for targeting advice on your business’s specific needs.

After creating this document you should read through it carefully to make sure it meets your business needs and is consistent with other industrial instruments, policies, procedures, relevant WHS legislation, Standards and Codes of Practices which operate. This commentary is not designed to be provided to employees or other workplace participants.

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