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Remuneration Review Letter - Salary Increase

Version 1.0 Updated 13 Mar 2018
Correspondence Manage

Who can use this correspondence?

This correspondence can be used by all employers.

When your business increases an employee's remuneration, you should inform the employee about the increase. This letter can be used for this purpose.

This letter specifies that aside from the remuneration increase, all other terms and conditions of the employee's employment (as set out in the employee's employment contract) continue to apply.

If the employee does not have a current written employment contract or you wish to amend the employee's terms and conditions of employment, you can prepare a new contract for the employee using the Workplace Contract of Employment or Engagement Letter.

You can then offer the salary increase to the employee, on the condition they enter into the terms of the new contract. This letter provides you with this option. It is important that all of your employees have up-to-date written contracts of employment so that you do not expose your business to a range of legal risks. However, you should not pressure or coerce an employee to sign a new contract as this may have an effect on the legal enforceability of the contract. If you are unsure of what to do, you should obtain specific advice.

This letter also provides you with the ability to specify other benefits (such as incentive payments) which are to increase.

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