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Risk Management Register

Version 1.0 Updated 19 Jun 2023
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Who can use this document

This document can be used by all employers.


The Risk Management Register allows all workers to monitor action required to be taken for identified hazards. The hazard risk rating/risk level, control measures and workers responsible can be documented. The register is a means where everyone can review action undertaken for each hazard.

An example of a register is the hazardous chemical register. The register of hazardous chemicals is a list of the product names of all hazardous chemicals used, handled or stored at the workplace accompanied by the current Safety Data Sheet (one that is not more than five years old) for each hazardous chemical listed. It must be updated as new hazardous chemicals are introduced to the workplace or when the use of a particular hazardous chemical is discontinued.

You must ensure the register is readily available to all workers.

To determine the risk rating and appropriate control measures go to the Risk Management Procedure and use the risk assessment matrix and hierarchy of hazard control.

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